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Some sports. Some life. #dresaidit

Who Am I?

My earth footprint can be traced back to June 18, 1987, when I was born in Charlotte, NC. I am the oldest of 3 and was raised by a single mother, who showed me among other things, what drive and toughness looked like up close. For nearly 20 of my first 25 years in this world, my father was serving time in federal prison. One could surmise the damaging effect this had on our relationship, because you have heard this story before. Maybe not from me, but you know someone who had similar cards dealt to them. Unfortunately, it is too common an issue.

I have never used that as a crutch nor have I sought sympathy for it. My mom told me at a young age, “The world does not care about you not having your dad around. Always remember that some kids out there have it much worse than you.” Boy, was she ever right?

On a lighter note, I have had an affinity for sports all my life, as basketball was my very first muse with football garnering honorable mention. In elementary, I developed a keen interest in writing, storytelling and journalizing to be specific. By my teenage years, I had morphed into an underground poet after becoming inspired by Langston Hughes, who was the topic of a research paper. Just know, I have some heat in the shoebox archives.

The first CD I purchased with my own money was the NSFW version of 2001 by Dr.Dre, which did wonders for my confidence as I started high school soon after. My high school years were the epicenter of the 2XL tall tee and Girbaud jean era. The epidemic engulfed me as I had various colors of both and would legitimately request these items as gifts when asked. I have provided links for those of you who did not go to an urban high school and may be slightly confused.

I graduated from Winston-Salem State University in 2009, with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. I admit, if I could do it again, I would have majored in Mass Communications/Journalism for the love of it, if nothing else. I have worked in the corporate world for 6 years now and while I have done well, it doesn’t sweeten my lemonade. I’m following my passion (while still doing the corporate thing, because bills, man) with the hopes that it will enrich my life every way.

I am a believer who’s growing daily in that aspect of my life. I’ve been married to my wife, Chanta, for 3 years now, but we’ve dated and known each other for almost a decade. I’m a proud father to 2 beautiful little girls, Chyla (SHY-la), and Chloe, who sometimes make it hard for me to be a disciplinarian. Alright, most of the time, but I’m trying.

I could eat burrito bowls 4 days a week and drink smoothies 7 days a week if my bank accounts were set up correctly.

So come. Click. Read. Enjoy. Comment. Like. Tell a friend. Come again.

Some sports. Some life. Some funny. #dresaidit


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