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My passion for sports and writing has shadowed my life since the days I could not play my Sega nor PlayStation at my grandma’s house, because she thought it would destroy her television.

Initially, I began blogging to put my skills to the test to see if my friends would read and enjoy my posts. Now, I am aiming to engage and entertain sports fans, junkies and novices, alike, who aren’t just reading my posts because we’re friends and I asked them to.

In a world where hundreds of millions of eyes sift through various hashtags, memes, and trends on social media platforms at Mach speeds, there is no time to waste on redundant sports articles with extensive analytics and humor that you can’t relate to.

When you visit my site, you will find a fresher vibe and a contemporary perspective, one that will provide laughter and provoke thought.

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Who Am I?


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