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Shattering Fears: Ziplining in Mexico

Be sure to click the link below and watch me handle Mexico’s longest zipline like a true GOAT. It measured 180 ft high at its peak, while speeds topped at 65 mph, and it was nearly a mile long. It was the closest you’ll ever get to flying, hence the name.Bu

GoPro Video of ‘Superman’ Zipline

Chanta’s Pendulum Jump

My wife and I recently travelled to San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico for our wedding anniversary.

We booked a ziplining tour with Cabo Adventures that was advertised as ‘not being for the faint of heart.’ Now, when it comes to heights, I have been the chief of staff for said ‘faint of heart.’ I briefly tried convincing my wife that we could spend the $256 on custom sombreros, hand-made using the finest of straw complete with a flip-flop paint job and green emeralds embroidered around the brim.

It didn’t work. She didn’t see and appreciate my vision. We would have killed Cinco De Mayo, but life goes on.

Once the morning of the adventure came, on the 3rd day of our trip, my stomach was weak. Fear had a double-digit lead on me by breakfast. It only grew as we traveled 45 minutes through the Mexican desert to the adventure site.

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After we arrived, we were briefed on safety instructions and what to expect, then we were off. There was no warm-up or practice zip line, it was live. So, like most men would be in front of their significant others, I was cool and unfazed on the surface. However, there was a small squirrel running around inside of my chest.

But, after 8 ziplines, including an upside down one, walking a tightrope over a river, rock climbing, and hiking through toasty conditions, I survived. I wasn’t going to become a news headline. In fact, I think I’d be willing to do it again in the future.

I shattered a childhood fear and had one of the best times of my life doing so. I’m glad that Chanta suggested this adventure and I manned up, although the custom sombreros would have been dope too!

If you ever vist the Cabo area in Mexico, check out Cabo Adventures, they have a variety of activities that you will undoubtedly enjoy. Click the link below to read their reviews on Trip Advisor.

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